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Ondřej Ševčík
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My Projects

WOD Time Calculator

Web application that will allow you to find out good time/score to beat of any CrossFit workout + my CrossFit blog

WOD Time Calculator is web based app that I have created to help people estimate good time/score to beat of any random CrossFit workout. App also suggests good time cap or lower margin of score when you should consider scaling your workout.

I have also made brand new blog that is part of WOD Time Calculator where I have moved all my CrossFit and training blogging activites. If you want to read about nutrition you should still stay on 7 Diet Meals but if you are looking for training advice go to WOD Time Calculator site.

7 Diet Meals Blog

Blog about Paleo, Keto and Low Carb diet recipes and hacks

I have been on low carb diet for several years and I am not going to stop. I love to share my favorite recipes and articles that are about low carb diet on my 7 Diet Meals blog.

Blog is split in two parts, first one is section with recipes that follow rules of low carb diet. All these recipes include video so you can easily follow all the steps. And second is with articles where you can read my articles about low carb diet and sports nutrition.

Travel WODs E-Book and iOS App

E-book and iOS app with almost 1000 Travel workouts that can be done only with bodyweight or basic equipment

At first I have created travel WODs e-book where you can find over 1000 travel WODs from all different categories like bodyweight only workouts, workouts that include running, jump rope or kettlebell.

But few months later after releasing e-book I have started learning how to make apps for iOS and I have decided to transform my e-book to handy mobile app. Travel WODs app is using all workouts from e-book as its database, app gives you workout of the day and allows you to filter WODs by favorite movements or categories.

YouTube Channel 7 Diet Meals

My personal YouTube channel with all my favorite low carb recipes

I was already posting recipes for about a year on my blog when I decided to start YouTube channel to give my recipes more life. On my YouTube channel you will find only recipes that follow low carb, paleo or keto diet rules as this is how I eat 90% of the time.

I upload few recipes per month so if you are looking for inspiration make sure to check link below and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Instagram Profile 7 Diet Meals

Join thousands of followers to find out how I eat every day

I was looking for place where I can share what I eat everyday and Instagram was the right place for that.

So if you want to see how my real diet looks like (including cheat meals) make sure to join thousands of other followers and keep checking my posts and Instagram stories.