Over 1000 Travel WODs

All WODs in the collection can be done at home or while travelling and most of them doesn't require any equipment

What is 1000 Travel WODs?

1000 Travel WODs (WOD = workout of the day) is the one of the largest collections of CrossFit inspired workouts that you can do almost anywhere.  You can do them while travelling or when you are at home and you don’t have access to any equipment.

I am doing CrossFit and high intensity workouts since 2011 and I’ve been writing my own programming since then. Most of my workouts are inspired by the best in the business like CrossFit Invictus, Miranda Oldroyd’s Vivendi Lab, CrossFit Linchpin, CrossFit main site or by Jason Khalipa himself.

All the workouts in the 1000 Travel WODs collection are hand-picked or created by me (not randomly generated). They are all very intense and could be easily done almost anywhere.

I have tried to avoid combinations of movements that are hard to do when you are not in the gym like pull ups combined together with running or the combinations that doesn’t make much sense and are hard to combine together like wall climbs and running.

I have created workouts the way that you will be able to do them almost everywhere and anytime. All you will need is just your body and for some of the single piece of equipment like running shoes, jump rope, single kettlebell or pull up rig.

Sample WODs from the book

For Time
75 Air Squats
50 Burpees
25 HSPU”

Bodyweight only WOD

50 Min AMRAP
20 Min of Running
10 Min of Burpees
20 Min of Running”

Bodyweight & Running WOD

For Time
100 Air Squats
50 T2B
50 Burpees
100 Air Squats”

Bodyweight WOD with Pull Up Rig

10 rounds of
Movement is Run
1 Min on Hard Pace
1 Min on Easy Pace
1 Min on Hard Pace
1 Min Rest”

Running only WOD

20 Min EMOM
1.Min: 20 KB Swings
2.Min: 20 KB Goblet Squats”

Single Kettlebell WOD

Categories of WODs in the book



FULL - 1067 WODs


  • 144 Bodyweight WODs
  • 144 BW & Running WODs
  • 144 BW & Pull Up Rig WODs
  • 144 BW & Jumping Rope WODs
  • 288 BW & Kettlebell WODs
  • 103 Running Only WODs
  • 96 Strength/Skill WODs
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HALF - 575 WODs


  • 72 Bodyweight WODs
  • 72 BW & Running WODs
  • 72 BW & Pull Up Rig WODs
  • 72 BW & Jumping Rope WODs
  • 144 BW & Kettlebell WODs
  • 47 Running Only WODs
  • 96 Strength/Skill WODs
  • ✓ FREE Exercise Demos

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These workouts are not associated in any way with CrossFit, Inc., it is just collection of high intensity bodyweight only workouts that doesn’t require equipment (or only very limited equipment).


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